So COT is finally over and I’m elated. Part of me feels like it flew by, but when I think back on certain days it feels like I’ve been here for years. Every day felt like 2 or 3 days in one. Each day broke down something like this: wake up 4:20 get dressed in the dark since we weren’t allowed to turn the lights on til 4:30, PT at 5am to a little after 6, breakfast from 7-8 (though we were only allowed 20 minutes to eat and during “tight meals” everyone finished in about 7 minutes), class from 8-12, lunch from 12-1 (same timeline as breakfast), class from 1-5 or 6, dinner at 6. After dinner we had personal time…which sounds nice but we had to cram everything we couldn’t do during the day into 4-5 hours so we could get to bed at a reasonable time to pick up and do it ALL again the next day. 

I honestly can’t complain though. COT was not as hard core as I though it would be. It was definitely challenging both mentally and physically but I made it through with fewer problems than I thought. I attribute this mostly to how well I worked together with the rest of my flight. We had some conflicting personalities but it was nothing we couldn’t work through. I hope I get as good a flight in JASOC (JAG training). I think it really made all the difference. 

My biggest accomplishment was probably getting through the ropes course and the toothpick (which is much scarier than it sounds). Turns out I’m not a big fan of heights. I think jumping out of a plane wouldn’t be bad, but heights where staying up on a rope is completely contingent on my own strength is pretty unnerving. We started out climbing a cargo net and attaching our harness to cables about 12 feet up. Then we climbed/drug ourselves across ropes to small platforms on telephone poles connected by the ropes. The highest point is probably about 40 feet. I was scared pretty much the entire time I was on the course but it wasn’t as bad as the toothpick. The toothpick is basically a 50 ft telephone pole attached to a repelling tower by a horizontal telephone pole 40 feet up. We had to walk out to the end of the horizontal telephone pole, touch the vertical pole, turn around, and come back. It doesn’t sound scary but when you get up to the top of the tower you can definitely see it swaying in the wind. I did it. I didn’t like it, but I did it. I’ll post pictures since I’m not terribly great at describing it. dsc00278